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Since 1986, DASCOR Plumbing has been a family-run, owned, and operated company serving South Florida with reliable plumbing services. Our team offers an array of solutions to your sewer pipe, water leak, and other plumbing issues. We consist of master plumbers, journeyman all the solutions that you need when it comes to your home or office plumbing system.

DASCOR Plumbing provides the following residential and commercial plumbing services in these areas:

Plumbing Services - As part of our professional and high-quality plumbing services, our team can install, repair, and even replace a variety of fixtures and other plumbing components. We can work on your backed-up toilets, damaged sinks, and so much more. We can also repair and replace both traditional tank and tankless water heaters from brands such as Bradford White, Navien, Norwitz, Rheem, Rinnai, Ruud, Stiebel Eltron, and Takagi. DASCOR Plumbing also specializes in gas line services, as well as kitchen and bathroom remodeling solutions.

Sewer Repair - We also provide top-notch sewer repair services. First, we will conduct an in-depth camera inspection to determine the exact issue. We can address your sewer line or pipe issues through pipe descaling, hydro jetting, epoxy coating, pipe lining, and hydro excavation, depending on the nature and severity of the issue.

Water Leak Repair - DASCOR Plumbing specializes in water leak repairs. Regardless of the pipe, whether it is PVC or galvanized, our team can provide the solution to any leak in your plumbing system. We offer detection and repair services, such as slab leak repair.

Residential Applications

Our residential service team is comprised of hard-working and very knowledgeable plumbers who have dedicated their training to the individual workings of a wide range of fixtures and valves and are focused on repairing products, not selling customers new ones.

DASCOR Plumbing prides ourselves on being budget conscious and understands that especially in these economically difficult times, having to hire a licensed and insured plumber can not only be a headache but also a big setback to one’s savings. Our service fleet does not work on commission!!! DASCOR’s service technicians do not make any extra money selling you a new faucet then they would repairing your existing one.

Fixture Repair - Our technicians have been trained to solve your problem by the people who make the products in your home. We are Moen authorized service plumbers, Kohler authorized service representatives, In-sinkerator PRO-Circle plumbers, and have been trained in service and installation of Delta Faucet Company products, Toto toilets, American Standard plumbing products, Grohe, Hans Grohe, and many other less well-known brands. Having the training and knowledge supplied to us by the companies direct allows us to arrive at your home diagnose the problem, and using the original equipment replacement parts, fix it in a minimal amount of time.

Wide Inventory of Parts - All of our service trucks are stocked with a wide variety of parts for everything from toilets to tankless water heaters. We understand the importance of the homeowner’s time and having most parts with our technicians it minimizes the amount of time they have to lose. When scheduling your service call, to ensure we have all of the correct parts for your repair, it is helpful, but not necessary, if you have the brand of the fixture that is giving you problems.

Upgrading for the Ultimate WOW Effect - If you are in the market for a new toilet, faucet, shower valve, water heater, or any other plumbing product our service technicians can remove your old model and install a new one for you. We can supply any fixture and provide a product warranty with it, if you choose to supply your own we will still be more than happy to install it and offer a guarantee on our workmanship but however not one on any owner supplied material.

Sewer Back-ups, Broken Lines, Slow Drains - South Floridians face a multitude of plumbing issues on a day to day basis. Clogged pipes are a common problem we can snake them out, or we can use our state of the art sewer jetting machine and then provide you with a video inspection of your plumbing system where we can see if you have a problem other than just a clog.

Slab Leaks, High Water Bills - Many people call us to investigate high water bills, oftentimes it is a leak under the foundation of a home and we have many options to solve that issue.

Let Our Family Keep Your Family Safe

DASCOR Plumbing is an Environmental Protection Agency-certified lead-free firm and mold remediation specialist, this means that we are trained to make sure your family is not in any danger of toxic lead or mold particles from old materials when we perform any work in your house. We locate and repair any possible source of mold, and always take the extra time to complete our job in a safe manner.

Commercial Applications


New Construction - DASCOR Plumbing has a full-time new construction sector, we are not like other companies who focus only on service or only on new construction. Our new construction plumbers are under the direct supervision of our job foreman, eliminating workers bothering the General Contractor on the job site. This helps us achieve our ultimate goal, coming in under budget and ahead of schedule.

We are in constant contact with G.C.’s who use us on every one of their jobs. We have been plumbing everything from banks to dog boutiques, you name it we’ve done it. Size doesn’t matter to us we will gladly bid any job.

Boiler System Design and Install - Recently DASCOR has been expanding, we now work on commercial boilers and the systems they run. Lochnivar, the leading name in boiler systems and design, have trained our plumbers on the ins and outs of their water heating systems. We currently work with their company to design and install systems for customers who are either retrofitting or starting from scratch.

Gas Piping and Appliance Install - In South Florida, almost everyone has experienced a power outage. It may have been a few minutes or in some cases a few weeks. Nevertheless, when the power is out, no one enjoys being without a/c, hot water, lights, fridge, freezer, and most importantly life-saving home health care products. With a gas-powered generator, these issues are completely forgotten, either natural gas or propane we have the product knowledge and wherewithal to install your generator system fast, and according to local building code. You won’t ever be in the dark again with DASCOR Plumbing.

Commercial Jetting and Sewer Inspection - The time will come when a commercial building gets a massive sewer backup and many units are flooded with raw sewage. Fortunately, we can help to remedy the problem before it even happens. To begin, building code in South Florida mandates the use of cast iron piping in commercial structures that are not equipped with fire sprinkler systems. These pipes rust out starting on the inside and begin to release large flakes of cast iron. These flakes collect any material passing by them and begin a damming process. Once the dam completely restricts flow, the unit closest to the blockage will flood. We have a state of the art sewer cleaning system that acts like a pressure washer but pulls the flakes out of the pie instead of pushing them further in. The entire process is very clean, and when compared to a major flood and possible contamination of a unit, quite inexpensive. After we jet a line DASCOR always provides the customer with a videotaped inspection of the inside of the pipe. Rates vary, but good maintenance always will save money in the end.

Repiping Multi-Story, Multi-Unit Dwellings - Water leaks, the main cause of headaches for any building manager, or property owner for that matter. We can find them and in most cases repair them. However, some leaks can’t be fixed, that’s when our plumbers at DASCOR shine. We take all the necessary steps to provide customers with minimal water service interruption and keep all of our job sites neat and clean. We have recently repiped ten to fifteen-story buildings on A1A and the customers were thrilled. We only had the water shut down when we made final connections to the units and even then it was a minuscule amount of time.

Upgrades to Existing Plumbing Systems - DASCOR can help a new tenant improve the space they occupy by adding, removing, or changing the configuration of said space. Let us know what your dream is and we will make it a reality.

Upgrading to meet American’s with Disabilities Act Requirements - Do you need to install a handicapped toilet or sink to comply with occupancy codes, call us. We specialize in retrofitting a bathroom to meet the needs of persons with disabilities, grab bars, toilets, sinks, stalls, even handicap accessible showers are no problem for the trusted plumbing team at DASCOR Plumbing.

Backflow Prevention - In the US, every commercial building is required by law to have an approved and up to date backflow prevention assembly. This simple device prevents any contaminated water from being siphoned from your building back into the city’s water supply. We have four certified backflow technicians on staff so you can have immediate service. We can test and certify, or if need be install a new backflow preventer for you, just fax the letter from the city to our office at 954-941-7405 and we will contact you when we come to test.

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