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Having a trusted local plumbing company in Fort Lauderdale, FL, when you have a water leak in your home should be your top priority. After all, leak issues can turn costly if the problem has gone unaddressed for a long time. Getting these taken care of promptly can save you thousands of dollars. At DASCOR Plumbing, we're excited to show you what our master, journeyman, and apprentice plumbers can do if you're having problems with leak problems in your home or business.

Signs You Need Water Leak Services

If you're concerned about water leaks, then you should know that there are a few tell-tale signs that you need water leak repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL. One of the first things that you should listen to is the sound of water spraying from the pipes. You'll hear a hissing sound if there's a pinprick hole in one of your pipes. Once this goes on too long, you'll also start to notice water pooling or water damage on the drywall.

To find out if you need a leak repair, be aware of any musty smells, which can indicate that there has been water damage. It could also mean that you still have a leak. One place to look is underneath sinks.

Finally, mold on drywall or other parts of the house is another indication that you need water leak services. If your house hasn't dealt with flooding, the water might be coming from a leaking pipe.

Common Causes of Leak Issues

There are several types of pipes that are commonly used with plumbing, and each one has its own risk factors for leaks. Copper pipes might start leaking after chloramine has run through them for a long time because the chloramine breaks down the copper, resulting in pinholes. A galvanized pipe can rust wherever water hits it, leading to holes in the pipes after many years. PVC is a material that's normally strong, but it can be punctured by sharp objects, and if too much weight is placed on pipes in the ground, they can crack. Finally, polybutylene wears away after long periods of exposure to the chlorine used to treat city water.

Leak Repair Services from DASCOR Plumbing

Whether you need leak repair services for inside your home or underneath a slab, we can do the job for you. It's important that you catch leaks early so that you can save thousands of dollars, and we can help you detect leaks if you're not sure, too.

We ensure precise water leak detection here at DASCOR Plumbing. We even provide 24/7 emergency service for when you find a leak or even a larger problem. We have the experience to give you quality service; we've been in business since 1986, have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have received the Super Service Award from Angie's List.

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Schedule an appointment with DASCOR Plumbing whenever you suspect that there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing or pipes. Keep in mind that a leak that goes undetected and unresolved for too long can cause significant damage not only to your pipes but to your entire property as well. Call us today or fill out the online form to make sure that you get the leak repair services that you need right away. DASCOR Plumbing offers the following services in the local area:

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