The Process of Professional Leak Detection

The Process of Professional Leak Detection

Leak detection is the first step that professionals take prior to a water leak repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Water leak detection and repair are only some of the services that we specialize in here at DASCOR Plumbing. Here’s a walkthrough of what a typical leak detection process looks like.

Water Leak Detection Methods

We utilize a variety of methods for our water leak services, and each of them involves different steps and equipment. The complexity of the area where the sewer line or pipe leaks and the size of leakage helps our plumber determine what tools and technology would be the most suitable solution. The following are the most commonly used methods of professional leak detection.

Video Leak Detection

This water leak detection method involves a pretty straightforward process. As the name suggests, it involves a specialized waterproof camera that will provide a real-time feed of what your pipes look like inside, allowing the technicians to spot any possible causes of leaks.

Acoustic Leak Detection

This method can be done in a non-invasive way, with a listening device placed on key points along the affected pipes. The equipment then picks up sounds specific to what a leak or break in the pipe produces. This also helps us determine the type of leak repair services to provide.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test

This procedure is used not only for leak repair services but also to test the durability of a pipe. For leak detection purposes, a pressure rig is connected to a pipe outlet. The rig is then filled with water while air is incorporated and pushed back into the main pipes. If there’s a leak, it will produce a distinct sound which can be picked up by a digital listening device.

Our leak repair and detection experts can use a combination of any of these processes for a more accurate reading.

Timely detection of leakages is essential so that the damaged pipes and sewer lines can be repaired right away, preventing the leaks from worsening. Professional leak detection digs into the underlying cause of the leakages, providing lasting solutions. That’s one way to save the current situation and reinforce the pipes or sewer lines to withstand future damages.

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