Sewer Line Issues You Can Avoid

Sewer Line Issues You Can Avoid

Always consult a plumber in Boca Raton, FL, from a trusted company like DASCOR Plumbing if you’re experiencing sewer-related problems. Did you know there are some sewer line issues you may be able to avoid? We discuss the more common ones:

Clogs or Backups

Clogs and/or backups are a common reason to need sewer repair in Boca Raton, FL. However, you can reduce your risk of having stubborn or recurring clogs or full backups in the first place if you’re careful with how you use your drains. This is a goal you can accomplish by:

  • Using a separate can for grease
  • Putting wastebaskets near drains to discourage improper disposal
  • Using drain strainers or covers


Sewer pipe line repair is also often necessary if you’re seeing signs of a leak, such as soggy spots in your yard. You may be able to avoid leaks by being diligent about routine maintenance that includes having regular drain/sewer line pipes inspected. Another way to minimize your leak risk is to avoid planting new bushes, shrubs, or trees too close to underground pipes.

Cracks or Pipe Fractures

Reduce your risk of needing sewer line replacement much sooner than what’s typical for sewer and drain pipes by taking steps to prevent cracks or fractures. This is something you may be able to do by:

  • Considering water filtration or softening systems if you have “hard” or mineral-heavy water
  • Having a pressure regulator or similar device installed if you have issues with inconsistent water pressure
  • Scheduling regular inspections so smaller cracks can be dealt with before they turn into larger ones

We’re Here to Give You Sensible Solutions

Not all sewer issues are entirely avoidable. For times when you may need to replace sewer line pipes, DASCOR Plumbing is at your service. We’ll give you an honest opinion and determine the most affordable and sensible way to solve the problem. We’re also the company to turn to for routine inspections and preventative maintenance.

Contact our local team today to learn more about our sewer repair services. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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